Today marks the premiere of singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Sophia Scott’s feel-good video for “You Problem” — a breezy but deeply passionate track from her acclaimed debut album BARSTOOL CONFESSIONS (EMPIRE). Perfectly channeling the song’s carefree energy, “You Problem” arrives as the latest installment of the Boulder, Colorado-bred artist’s ‘Barstool Confessions: On Super8’ — a lovingly curated video series offering fans an even more intimate glimpse into Scott’s world. Go here to watch the video for “You Problem” now

Like the visuals for “What I’m Wearing Tonight” (the wildly fun first video from ‘Barstool Confessions: On Super8’), "Mullet Over" (a cheeky swing at the bar hot-shot with a mullet), “City Limits” (the dazzling and emotionally charged clip), “You Problem” was filmed in Scott’s hometown with director CeCe Dawson. This time around, Scott’s chosen setting is the living room of a house lit in glowing daylight, surrounded by the lush and gorgeous Colorado landscape. As she kicks back on the couch with a tumbler of tequila, Scott fully embodies the spirit of the song: a groove-heavy and irresistibly gritty ode to the all-consuming nature of infatuation (“It’s a different kinda fix/That I gotta get on my lips/Same kinda high/Same kinda rock bottom/I think I got a you problem”). Partly shot in the retro haze of classic Super 8, “You Problem” builds to a blissed-out finale as Scott dances on her own and surrenders to the pure euphoria of an undeniable crush.

In an exclusive track-by-track for American Songwriter, Scott recently opened up about the inspiration behind “You Problem.” “This song came out of a conversation between a friend and I,” she revealed. “He said, that sounded like a ‘you problem,’ and immediately we knew it was a title, but we wanted to flip it in a more unassuming way. Instead of making it about a problem someone has, I made it about a crush I was falling for. It ain’t the tequila, the cigarettes, or the green, it’s you — and I’ve caught feelings.”

As her star continues to rise, Scott’s latest accolades include Pandora's Artist To Watch 2024: Country list and appearing in an Artist Spotlight feature from The Pick (The Tennessean music staff's weekly newsletter). In a conversation with Marcus K. Dowling (The Tennessean's Country Music reporter), Scott spoke candidly about the making of BARSTOOL CONFESSIONS and noted that — through the process of creating the album — she “rediscovered my confidence, identity and inner strength. It's given me the perspective to support myself and allow my fans to find themselves and their struggles and successes — in my music." Go here to check out Scott’s Artist Spotlight now

In yet another triumph for Scott, the Nashville-based musician landed on Wide Open Country’s “Best Dressed of 2023” list. Check out the feature for the lowdown on Scott’s fashion must-haves, including vintage Frye cowboy boots, turquoise jewelry, and her favorite liquid eyeliner for “some saucy cat eyes.”  

Following up a whirlwind 2023 — including making her bucket-list debut at the Grand Ole Opry the very same day that BARSTOOL CONFESSIONS dropped — Scott will soon return with more new videos from ‘Barstool Confessions: On Super8.’ 

All throughout BARSTOOL CONFESSIONS, Scott shares the story of a life-changing breakup with both full-hearted intimacy and refreshing lack of inhibition. Over the course of the album’s 12 fearlessly candid songs, she opens up about some of her less-than-healthy coping mechanisms and documents a few of the rowdier moments on her way to heartbreak recovery. But thanks to the soulful sincerity and raw sensitivity of her songwriting — as well as her gift for making the specific feel so universal — BARSTOOL CONFESSIONS ultimately speaks to the unparalleled power of living your truth, owning your femininity, and rediscovering your confidence in the most unlikely places. 





Based in Nashville but raised in Colorado, Sophia Scott has blazed her own bold trail to Country stardom. With a rare gift for raw yet exquisitely detailed storytelling — and a one-of-a-kind sound infused with elements of Southern Rock, Pop, R&B, and Soul — the singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist has amassed over 106 MILLION career streams and drawn nearly ONE MILLION monthly listeners to date. Growing up in Boulder, she took up piano and guitar as a child and soon started composing songs of her own, then further developed her unforgettably candid songwriting voice upon kicking off her music career in Los Angeles. During her six years in L.A., Scott found early success with singles like 2018’s “White Fence” and 2019’s “Drink Too Much Wine” (both featured on coveted playlists like Spotify’s New Music Friday), but ultimately relocated to Nashville and immersed herself in sharpening her craft. A breakthrough year for Scott, 2021 brought such triumphs as opening for the Jonas Brothers, landing on an artists-to-watch list from People, and inking her record deal with EMPIRE Nashville. The fast-rising artist maintained that momentum throughout 2022, when she delivered her widely acclaimed debut EP One Of These Days — a six-song project that earned praise from American SongwriterE! NewsEntertainment Tonight, and CMT (who stated that “Nashville newcomer Sophia Scott proves she has a bright future ahead in the genre”) and explored such complex subjects as watching her loved ones struggle with addiction (on the fan-favorite “Side Effects”). Along with signing a global publishing deal with Warner Chappell Music and Ross Golan’s Unknown Music Publishing in 2022, Scott celebrated the release of her debut album BARSTOOL CONFESSIONS (EMPIRE) with her bucket list debut on the Grand Ole Opry.