Today, critically acclaimed artist-songwriter Alana Springsteen announces the upcoming release of HISTORY OF BREAKING UP (PART TWO) — a deeply personal project that affirms her gift for turning heartbreak into hope, healing, and unapologetic joy. Due out July 15, the eight-song collection follows 2021’s widely praised HISTORY OF BREAKING UP (PART ONE), once again showcasing the confessional and highly sophisticated songwriting that inspired E! News to name her “one of Nashville's most buzzworthy emerging artists.” See below for the full tracklist.

A truly multi-dimensional talent, Springsteen co-produced five of the songs on HISTORY OF BREAKING UP (PART TWO), playing a vital part in shaping the project’s crystalline yet irresistibly unpredictable sound. As the work of art unfolds, the 21-year-old artist documents the many dimensions of heartache (grief, desperation, self-doubt, anger, newfound self-awareness), capturing each emotional state with both raw intensity and breathtaking nuance. In the end, Springsteen ultimately makes a glorious case for opening your heart to the possibility of love, no matter how great the risk.

“When I look back on where I was as I was writing the songs for HISTORY OF BREAKING UP (PART ONE) and then look at where I am now, it’s all a little surreal,” Springsteen admits. “This project started out as a way for me to find some peace and healing through the heartbreak, but it’s given me so much more: I’ve found a community of the most amazing fans who’ve helped me — and each other — to feel a little less alone. If PART ONE set the bar for me, I truly believe PART TWO raises it. It’s been completely therapeutic to write, perform, and co-produce this body of work with so many creative people that I’ve admired for so long. These songs have changed my outlook on life, love, and connection, and have helped me become a better version of myself. I can’t wait for them to be out in the world.”

Made with producers Cameron Jaymes, Chris LaCorte, and Pete Good, HISTORY OF BREAKING UP (PART TWO) closes out on its title track: a gorgeously stripped-back piece that Springsteen co-wrote with Whakaio Taahi (LANY, Katelyn Tarver) and Melissa Fuller (Mickey Guyton, LANCO). With its lush textures and luminous guitar tones, “History of Breaking Up” centers on a particularly powerful vocal performance from Springsteen, whose lyrics speak to the brutal confusion of feeling like the one you loved has become an absolute stranger (from the chorus: “In the history of breaking up/Tell me has anyone/Ever been so bad at this bad at this?/Like you turned into someone else/You’re nothing like yourself”).

“One of my exes asked me to give back all the things he had given me after I ended our relationship: a bracelet, a jacket, a hoodie, everything,” Springsteen explains. “It took breaking up for me to realize who he really was — he said and did some really cruel things that I knew he could never take back. I didn’t recognize him anymore. It was long distance, so we’d sent each other a ton of letters; I remember burning the ones he sent me out of frustration, along with Polaroids from a vacation we took together. This song represented a form of closure for me.”

Along with the title track, HISTORY OF BREAKING UP (PART TWO) features the previously released singles “Trust Issues” (a high-energy anthem that transforms post-breakup pain into pure euphoria), “New Number” (a soul-stirring ballad accompanied by a quietly stunning black-and-white video, co-directed by Springsteen and David Bradley of Osprey Media), and “Me Myself and Why” (an unstoppably bold track released alongside its own captivating video). As the first song shared from HISTORY OF BREAKING UP (PART TWO), “Me Myself and Why” marked a triumphant start to the project cycle, promptly landing on Entertainment Tonight’s New Music Releases list and on E! News’ The MixtapE! (with the latter warning audiences to “brace yourself for a true heartbreaker”). 



1. While You’re At It

2. Close To Me*

3. Me Myself and Why

4. Trust Issues*

5. You Are*

6. That Was All You 

7. New Number*

8. History of Breaking Up*

*Co-produced by Springsteen

Released in September 2021, HISTORY OF BREAKING UP (PART ONE) quickly drew acclaim from major outlets like PEOPLE  (who hailed it as “a magical mixture of deep thoughts on love and heartbreak, all delivered by a voice that seems to represent the future of country music”) and CMT (who noted that “Springsteen’s passion — as well as her potential for increased stardom — are apparent”). Thanks in part to the project’s success, Springsteen has independently surpassed a staggering nearly 55 MILLION career streams to date. She’s also scored major playlist adds, including Spotify’s Fresh Finds, New Boots, and New Music Friday; Apple Music’s Country Risers, New Music Daily, and Soundcheck; Amazon Music’s Breakthrough Country; and Pandora’s AMP: Fresh Cuts, New Country, and Rising Women in Country.

This Saturday (6/11), Springsteen will make her long-awaited debut at CMA Fest in Nashville, performing from 11 to 11:30 a.m. on the Chevy Vibes Stage. Later that same day, she’ll take the stage at Tennessee Performing Arts Center, appearing in the rotating role of “Bailey Stone” during the world premiere engagement of the highly anticipated stage show MAY WE ALL: A NEW COUNTRY MUSICAL (tickets available via TPAC.org). Adding to her list of high-profile music festival performances this summer, Springsteen will also appear at Faster Horses Country Music Festival on July 22 in Brooklyn, Michigan – check out her full list of tour dates here.




For 21-year-old emerging artist-songwriter Alana Springsteen, it’s always been about storytelling. Named “one of Nashville's most buzzworthy emerging artists” by E! News, she’s drawn praise from the likes of Rolling Stone, who stated that “She writes with beyond-her-years poise.” After she released HISTORY OF BREAKING UP (PART ONE) with co-producer, co-writer, and guitar credits to her name, PEOPLE deemed the “a magical mixture of deep thoughts on love and heartbreak, all delivered by a voice that seems to represent the future of country music.” Partly on the strength of a new songs like “Trust Issues,” “New Number,” and “Me Myself and Why,” Pandora's 2021 Country Artist to Watch has independently surpassed almost 55 MILLION career streams and amassed over 3K playlist adds. Picking up the guitar at seven and writing her first song by age nine, the Virginia Beach native relocated to Nashville at 14 and landed a publishing deal almost immediately. On the fast-track to stardom, she’s set to blaze her own trail and has already been spotted on tours with Mitchell Tenpenny and LANY. Signed to Eighteen Company for management, represented by UTA, and publishing with Warehouse West Entertainment, Springsteen is also Ryan Seacrest Foundation’s newest Celebrity Ambassador.