Big Loud riser Sean Stemaly drops the hammer for diesel-powered Country anthem today (7/30), “Z71.”

“When Andy [Albert], Brett [Tyler], and I wrote this song, I was driving a Duramax and felt inspired to write a ‘truck song.’ Not just one that talks about tailgates and lift kits, but more on the ‘diesel’ side of things. I’ve been wrenching on high-horsepower diesel trucks since I was 17, so I wanted to stay true to myself and pen an anthem for people like me who just love trucks,” shares Stemaly. “I know those boys didn’t understand half the stuff I was saying when we were coming up with lines, but I knew truck fans would understand every word. I’m super proud of this song and hope it keeps climbing and reaching the ears of folks like me around the world. And the fact that we were able to make it sound like a Staind song is icing on the cake for me since I was raised on mainly Rock music."

A torquey slow jam co-written by Stemaly with Brett Tyler and Andy Albert, the edgy new track is fueled by jet-black attitude with just a touch of Pop-Country chrome – and it’s dedicated to one of his real-life obsessions.

An avid mechanic in his free time, Stemaly rocks a sleek and sturdy groove on “Z71”, produced by Joey Moi and co-produced by Derek Wells with grungy guitars, pounding drums and a hypnotic, high-horsepower vocal – and this is no city slicker talking. Clearly written by a guy who knows his way around a diesel, it’s a full-bore tribute built to showcase Stemaly’s love for the modified masterpiece that is his custom truck.




Named one of Pandora’s 2021 Country Artists to Watch, Stemaly continues to grab the attention of critics and fans alike. Back in March, he released the buzzworthy ballad to digital-age romance, “Hello, You Up,” and along with its neon-lit music video, they’ve kept a hot streak of early standouts going.

The track followed Stemaly’s passionate “Come Back To Bed,” which along with tracks like “As Far As I Know,” “Last Day All Night” and “Back On a Back Road,” have added up to over 100 MILLION global artist streams to date – and there’s more to come.

Stemaly is currently in the studio with all-star producer, Joey Moi, working on more new music to be released this year.





Sean Stemaly was born in Western Kentucky and raised in the river-bottom fields of Southern Indiana, a hard-worker whose Country music comes straight from the only life he knows. Stemaly taught himself to sing over endless days in the cab of a Case IH 9370 tractor, planting the seeds of stardom to the sound of icons like Brooks & Dunn, George Strait, Alan Jackson and Jason Aldean. Now signed to Big Loud Records, the 26-year-old diesel wrenching, heavy-equipment operating talent has tallied over 82 MILLION on-demand streams, infusing modern Country with youthful, salt-of-the-earth swagger and rocked up heartland soul – a sound that’s both fresh and based in timeless traditions. He’s penned countless songs in Music City’s vibrant collaborative scene – including on-fire release "Come Back To Bed," whose top-viewed music video has already tallied over 6.6 MILLION views – and is currently working on his debut studio recordings with superstar producer Joey Moi. The 2021 Pandora Country Artist to Watch has already hit the road with Riley Green, HARDY, LANCO, and Chris Lane among others, and his story is only just beginning to grow.