Warner Music Nashville recording artist Tyler Braden brings an unexpected twist to a song about heartbreak and adds an ironic upbeat tempo in his brand-new release “Ways To Miss You,” out now.




“‘Ways To Miss You’ is a dynamic song in so many ways,” explains Braden. “It shows my Rock roots through the music and production, and my Country roots in the lyrics and storytelling. It’s an upbeat, in your face song about a heavy-hearted subject we can all relate to. Anytime you lose someone, you’re going to have people around you who are doing their best to help you through it and telling you how to get over that person, but we all learn in our own way that nothing helps but time. There’s no short cut and no best kept secrets in getting over someone, and that’s the story I’m hoping to share with this one. And it never hurts to introduce a little tempo into a tough time.”

Co-produced by Randy Montana and Mark Holman and penned by Braden, Holman, and Michael Whitworth, “Ways To Miss You” is not your momma’s heartbreak ballad. It’s an up-tempo tune that uniquely mixes classic Country with southern and modern Rock, which sums up Braden both sonically and personally. Pairing incredible musicianship with enthralling storytelling, Braden brings his undeniable energy to deliver this arena-worthy track that makes the listener want to feel and sway along.

First teased on Braden’s socials this week along with the invite to fans to participate in his music video, the clip was shot in true Nashville fashion at a honkytonk on Broadway last night (6/16). Immediately becoming a singalong track, the “Ways To Miss You” music video will be out soon.

Now a rising star, Braden’s grit and grind for Country music did not come overnight. The Slapout, Alabama native spent seven years as a firefighter and first responder, all the while working his way to Nashville. He remained in the service well after making the move to Music City, building his songwriting repertoire and even playing shows between shifts. The powerhouse vocalist and emotive lyricist has released several tracks as a major label recording artist, each to massive fan response. 

Braden’s first Warner Music Nashville release, a powerful take on NEEDTOBREATHE’s “Brother” (listen HERE), paid tribute to his first responder family and all those fighting on the frontlines of the pandemic. The cover quickly racked up more than 2 MILLION views on YouTube. He then introduced his songwriting with “Love Is A Dead End Road” (listen HERE), praised for its “enormous feeling and just the right blend of power and ache” (MusicRow). His most recent release and solo-penned, “Secret” (listen HERE), has already racked up over 10  MILLION streams organically and without radio airplay, showing just what Braden can do. 

Keep an eye out for more new music, including live performance tracks, in the months to come. 





If ever there was a Country artist ready to set the world on fire, it would have to be Tyler Braden. He has the gritty powerhouse vocal, the expressive pen and the ability to deliver a lyric with complete conviction worthy of a headliner. Braden grew up in Slapout, Alabama just miles from the graveyard memorial to Hank Williams. With parents who fostered an early appreciation for Country music, guitar-playing songwriters populating the airwaves and a group of rock-loving friends by his side, he spent much of his life blending natural influences to craft a sound of his own. His early twenties saw him playing local shows and touring the southeast while serving as a first responder in Montgomery. A gig in Music City inspired a move north, and Braden continued firefighting in the suburbs of Nashville while preparing to take his music career to the next level. His first date at the homegrown Whiskey Jam concert series in January 2017 paved his path to today. With more than 50 MILLION streams already to his name and a growing list of major tour credits, he introduced himself to world as a major label recording artist with his take on NEEDTOBREATHE hit “Brother.” Praised for his “commanding delivery” (MusicRow), Braden offered the song as a tribute to his first responder family and all those fighting on the frontlines during the pandemic. He has since earned massive fan response from original releases including “Love Is A Dead End Road,” “Secret," “What Do They Know,” and most recently "Ways To Miss You."