Out today, buzzworthy female-male duo SmithField’s third EP NEW TOWN signifies a new chapter for Jennifer Fielder and Trey Smith. After residing in Nashville – the infamous 10-year town – and currently in their tenth year, they know exactly who they are and what they want to say. Immediately shooting to #1 on iTunes Country chart and #12 all-genre upon debut, their brand-new EP NEW TOWN gives the perfect glimpse into what fans can expect from this charismatic duo for years to come. Listen to NEW TOWN now!

"After nearly a decade, we find ourselves so very proud of the music we have made and thankful to all of our SmithField fans for their support," Jennifer and Trey exclaim. "NEW TOWN turns a new page with a new sound for SmithField.  Come join us as we write the rest of the story."

All six songs were co-written by SmithField’s Jennifer and Trey in collaboration with hitmaking songwriters Emily Landis, Trannie Anderson, Ian Christian, Mark Irwin, Adam Wood, Bobby Hamrick, and Emily Falvey. The tracks take the listener on a journey of making something special feel new again. Whether it’s a relationship, job, friendship or town, NEW TOWN tells the story of fresh perspective, which for SmithField is their career. Starting off with the title track “New Town,” each song tells a different story and acts as a piece of a woven narrative with highs and lows. With SmithFeld’s musical style portraying a coffee conversation with both of them equally contributing to the “conversation,” they include songs “Something Sexy,” which is an ode to some of Country’s sexiest songs, “Burning Wings,” about knowing a relationship has taken a turn for the worse, but still trying to make it work through the fire, “Sunday Best,” which is about acceptance and loving someone or something through their flaws and scars, and “I’ll Never Stop,” about loving and losing someone, but never losing the love. And finally, the EP wraps with the highly relatable “We’ll Figure It Out,” which was written a few weeks before the pandemic and acted as a guiding light for the duo through the unpredictability that the last year brought.

To celebrate the new project, SmithField will be taking over Nashville’s iconic music venue 3rd & Lindsley tomorrow night (Thursday) and will be livestreamed on American Songwriter’s Facebook page, SmithField’s YouTube and Facebook, 3rd & Lindsley's Facebook page, and nugs.netThe writers of the EP will be opening the show with a Nashville traditional writer’s round at 7:30pm CT and SmithField will take the stage at 8:45pm CT.
SmithField puts on full display what the modern female-male Country duo sounds like. While a new female-male duo hasn’t broken out in the genre in well over a decade, Jennifer and Trey have the talent and drive to make it happen.





With a collaborative sound that emerged in their small hometown of Waxahachie, TX, SmithField – Trey Smith and Jennifer Fielder – are a modern Country duo rooted in stunning harmonies and sharp songwriting. After pursuing separate musical careers at a young age, Smith and Fielder paired up to form SmithField in 2011, combining their individual influences into a unique mix of the contemporary and the classic, inspired by one of the genre’s staple traditions: the male-female duet. Crediting a tight bond stemmed in their longtime friendship, the independent duo scored major-label-sized success with songs like “Hey Whiskey” and “If It Ain't You,” adding to their impressive 40 MILLION career streams to date and racking up heavy airplay on satellite radio. Seasoned performers, they have made more than 30 appearances at the Grand Ole Opry, performed at high-profile festivals including Stagecoach, and previously opened shows for some of Country’s hottest acts including Brothers Osborne, Scotty McCreery and Old Dominion, plus headlined their WE MAKE OUR OWN nationwide tour. Poised to break big in 2021, SmithField has released “Sunday Best” and “Something Sexy” from their forthcoming EP NEW TOWN is out now.