Big Loud Records / Back Blocks Music and Republic Records artist, Lily Rose, opens up to fans in a raw new video sharing more about the journey that set her up for an explosive arrival onto the Country scene. The video accounts Rose’s childhood filled with music, a supportive family and years of odd jobs that allowed her the freedom to drop anything for her big break. 




“My car battery died, I had to get it jumped, go to AutoZone, had to buy a new battery. I had $173 in my bank account and that car battery cost me 162 bucks. The next day ‘Villain’ went viral and I don’t deliver groceries anymore," shares Rose. “I’ve always prided myself on authenticity and hard work.”

Recently named "a promising new talent" by Billboard, Rose’s debut single “Villain” impacted Country Radio on March 8 and has notched 35M global streams and over 26M artist US on demand streams since its Dec. release. Her “downright infectious” (American Songwriter) single continues to gain fast momentum and break new ground at Country radio with 24 first week adds. 

Since signing her record deal earlier this year, Lily has been hard at work selling out shows in her hometown of Atlanta, GA, and premiered acoustic performances of fan favorites “Better Than That” and “Green Light” exclusively with People and YouTube Rodeo, respectively. In March, Lily was featured on Apple Music Radio’s Country Risers Radio with Ward Guenther as their Country Riser of the week. 

Fans can expect new music from Lily Rose in the coming months. For more information, visit lilyrosemusic.net and keep up with her on InstagramTwitter and YouTube
Touting an identifiable sound described as contemporary, vulnerable and raw, Lily Rose is breaking new ground in the Nashville music scene with her new single, “Villain." On Dec. 1, 2020, Rose posted a clip of “Villain,” a song she wrote with Mackenzie Carpenter and Kyle Clark (produced by Matt Morrisey) about a break-up she believed ended cordially, only to find out she’d been painted as the ‘bad guy’ through social media. The song connected significantly with fans, and two weeks later Rose independently released “Villain” on Dec. 15. The single immediately rocketed to the top of the iTunes all-genre chart, where it held steady at No.1 above Taylor Swift’s latest releases for several days and has remained in the Top 50 Country Digital Songs chart for ten weeks. Rose’s reactive single “Villain” caught the attention of Big Loud Records / Back Blocks Music and Republic Records who signed her to a joint-venture record deal in Jan. 2021.

Rose grew up in Atlanta as a self-taught drummer and guitarist, but it wasn’t until high school that she discovered her voice. As an athlete and distinguished singer, Rose had to decide which avenue to pursue. Bar sets and cover shows in her college town of Athens, GA led to headlining and sold out shows across Athens, Atlanta, Nashville and NYC, prompting her to make the move to Nashville in 2017.

Her musical influences range from Rascal Flatts, Keith Urban and Bruce Springsteen to Katy Perry reflecting her innate ability to adopt a “futuristic” 21st century country sound. She currently resides in Nashville where she continues to write and record new music with a focus on melody and hook driven songwriting style, which has proven to resonate among country, pop and rock alike.